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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  April 6, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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slicing and busy making the sandwiches. fans were already lined up to get theirs. you could stand in line if you wanted a burger, but how about one of the special hot dogs? >> have you tasted it yet? >> not yet. >> ok. let's see. >> whether someone is drawing or picture or you're trying to catch fly balls, there's nothing like opening day. >> it is the national pastime. we came all the way from charlotte. >> the excitement of this season, the atmosphere, the people. >> the greatest day of the year.
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it is the only day of the year where we are tied for first place. >> the game is over and guest what? we are in first place. we're going all the way. >> our cameras were at the game. it see if you made our photo gallery on you can see orioles park, camden yards in all its glory to the first of the ballpark. one of the three mega million winners has finally gotten together. new details on who exactly is holding the ticket. two others have yet to be claimed, illinois and the one, as you know coming in maryland. the woman claiming she bought the golden ticket in baltimore county now says she has lost it. tune in tonight for another mega millions drawing at 11:22 p.m.
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this jackpot is worth $20 million. in mixed picture on the labor front with the unemployment rate dropping again. nikole killion is in washington to explain why. >> after several strong months of job creation, this may be slowing down. looking for a job just got a little tougher. >> you can never be too competitive. >> only 120,000 jobs were created, far below economists' expectations. >> they have trouble pinpointing it month by month. >> this comes up to three consecutive months of job growth. president obama, whose reelection hopes are riding on the economy, spoke about it today. >> it is clear to every american
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that there still will be ups and downs along the way and we still have work to do. >> the unemployment rate hit 8.2%, the lowest in three years but the numbers are deceiving. >> more than half of this is just people giving up. >> that's not the case with these job-seekers, in possible long haul. >> that is the only way we will be able to get through this come realizing that this will be a slow turnaround. >> economists say it is too soon to tell if march was just a blip or a sign the market may be stalling out. most seem optimistic that more jobs will be created. in washington, nikole killion, wbal-tv 11 news cut state budget negotiators did not meet publicly today, passover, easter, baseball. david collins joins us live from annapolis with more. >> perhaps it is all of the above.
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perhaps they are too far apart or they are this close to actually getting it done and will do so tomorrow. budget negotiators staff will be meeting. >> there are some discussions behind the scenes in terms of the compromise and we just have not gotten there yet. this rate would apply to joint filers making $102,000. single filers taking in between $150,000-$500,000 will have the rates go up to 5.4%.
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if 5.75% increase will be seen. these will be eliminated for people making more than this per year. >> we have until monday at midnight. a lot can happen. we are close enough where we can sit down and iron it out. but they're willing to accept part of a house plan. >> they will accept shifting 50% of the cost the first year but will negotiate the rest of the phase in. >> i think it will break through soon. nothing happens until you have something like a breakthrough. i think we will get there. >> the budget talks are set to resume at 8:30 a.m. they really did have it together to figure out what they have and distribute to both changer -- chambers by the deadline.
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david collins, live from annapolis. >> more information on the route -- the armed robbery. they have two men in custody for robbing the gold exchange. one of them had a gun during the incident than the other side up the hands while making a way. they crashed their getaway car and tried to run away on foot. another update tonight, as the man who shot a baltimore beauty shop owner will spend the rest of his life in prison. malcolm receive life plus five years for attempted murder. he walked into the blessed productions salon, taking the owner's money from her purse and led her to the back of the business and sharper in the head four times. remarkably, the woman survived.
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this crime was committed in 2011 at the urban shopping center. he approached a man with a handgun and still his best that had money inside. in maryland man who planted to bomb military recruiting center will face 25 years in prison. it he learned his fate in district court in baltimore after pleading guilty to farming a car bomb in front of a recruiting center back in december 2010. today, martina's gave a statement to the judge renouncing terrorism. referencetina's made to his strong faith. -- mr. martinez made reference to his faith, islam. it was important to renounce
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those individuals that beginning that type of violence. >> the 25-year sentence as part of a plea deal. this cases one in a number of undercover sting operations. in covering the nation, a navy fighter jet crashed into an apartment complex in virginia today and remarkably no one was killed. the damage on the ground is extensive. >> at least five apartment buildings have been gutted by the crash. >> it went down just blocks from the atlantic ocean, moments after takeoff from a nearby ocean station. >> it was a two-seat strike fighter, an faa team. >> i could see it going straight up with no engine sound and then
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it pitched over and fell down. >> we have not had any reports from family members saying a loved one is missing or anything, which is a good thing. >> there were taken to the hospital with only minor injuries. the few injuries on a grounder also believed to be minor. ichris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> coming up, a wholly weekend for millions of christians and jews. the significance of easter and passover landing on the same day. , pete gilbert live at camden yards. the orioles played the game today well. we will talk about the winners a straight ahead. >> a beautiful day today, breezy and cooler.
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will the stick around for the holiday weekend? outside, 60 at
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>> today is a holy day for millions of people, good friday for christians and passover for jews. what is rare that the two are celebrated on the same day. tim tooten has more. >> that is how it was in the beginning, so to speak, when jesus was crucified. that was the passover season. he was in jerusalem with hundreds of thousands of people and was crucified at passover. christians believe he raise raised three days later. >> the dean of the ecumenical institute of theology at st. mary's university. >> it would be wonderful if it happened every year. >> what is the importance of having both of these holy days at the same time? >> it's important for christians and important to remind us that we are brother faiths. christian and jews have a lot in common and we a lot of our
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heritage to our jewish brothers and sisters. >> how should persons of both faiths see this? how should they embrace it? >> passover is a celebration of god's deliverance of them out of egypt and into the new found freedom and covenant relationship with god. jesus came to celebrate the passover with the new covenant, which is similar, liberated from our oppression and arsons into a new life with a god but now and forever. >> how does this help with the understanding situations like this, and theology in general? >> students come to this place to learn more about their own traditions, particularly their biblical traditions, the christian traditions, but what they discover they learn a lot about other people. catholics learned about baptists and vice versa. christians when about their roots being in the jewish tradition and that they have commonalities with jews and
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muslims. tim tootemn, wbal-tv 11 news. ♪ >> in baltimore today, the catholics marking good friday with a solemn stations of the cross procession through downtown that started and ended at city hall. i>> looks like a good trend this weekend. this is pumping cooler air down the east coast and giving us plenty of sunshine. it passed by pretty close to as. earlier this morning, and went off the carolina coast did you can see the showers moving off. the northwind brought in the cooler temperatures later today.
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tonight, we will set up a good radiational cooling with clear sky, calm wind, dry air. the air is dry, so we will get dry after sunset. relative humidity at 20%, the northwind at 14 gusting to 22 which should settle down. in the northern suburbs 56. 55 in parkton. but neither the pennsylvania line, there's a pretty good chance if the wind dies down enough that you will drop down to near freezing by tomorrow morning. keep that in mind. temperatures ranging to about 40-41 downtown. sun said at 7:36 p.m. tomorrow, the area of high pressure will mean we wind up
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with a warmer day. coming across the midwest, this will mean there is enough left. mostly sunny is the forecast for tomorrow. high temperature range between 65 and 65. it weighs tight two-3 feet. -- the waves at 2-3 feet. easter sunday, if you're going to sunrise services, it will be chilly. we will make it up to 66 in the afternoon. we will be below large most of next week. -- we will be below range.
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>> from the susquehanna banks fort sumter, this is 11 sports. >> coming to live from camden yards where happy fans are filing out. they are not happy just because they are inebriated but because they won against the twins. markakis. the original battery of camden yards during an the ceremonial first pitch. more than 46,000. receiving a gold glove prior to the game. a very nice circumstance prior to the game. in the first inning, markakis lifts to left -- getting the job done with a 2-run shot. bottom 6, more nick.
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almost the second home run. going for a triple. hardy, come on down. o's take a 4-0 lead. there were absolutely in cruise control against the twins. dominant.ta was 7 shut out innings. arrieta was th winner last year in the home opener. in likes to pitch in front of a big crowd. chris davis stretches to get hte out. winning 4-2. buck showalter, go ahead and smile. >> i will not grouped together everybody in baseball.
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this gives me a lot more responsibility and anxiety about delivering what they reserve -- deserve. >> they certainly got what they hoped for today, and orioles victory. 7:05 p.m. tomorrow night's first pitch. >> the weather has held up. augusta national neve plays easy. freddy can play on the senior tour and was the 1992 champion here. woods is at +2 and going backwards. he's at the 14 now. couples absolutely the story today. >> it is nice to be in the mix.
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i feel really have been leading a major at the time. maybe someone will get to 600 or so up there. i look forward to tomorrow and we will see what happens. >> have not gotten under 68. maybe couples will be in the final group sunday at the masters. opening day, orioles a winning4- 2 over the twins. let's see it beginning now to this gorgeous weather with tony coming up after this. -- let's see if we can hang on to this court is whether.
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>> here is what we're working on for tonight. a warning for parents for an over-the-counter medication for kids that has not been approved by the fda. cast prices on the rise -- again. just in time for the holiday weekend. ♪
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>> should be in my state tomorrow. colder in the morning starting off in the low 30's. we will make it up to 63 in the afternoon. we will wind up in the mid 60's on easter, so all in all come a nice holiday weekend. in a chance for rain should hold off until monday into tuesday. >> thanks for joining us. "nbc nightly news" is next.
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